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About us

We are a global company with many branches, our goal is to develop clients’ businesses by providing distinguished business solutions.

We are a media production agency

We are distinguished by advanced ideas, whose first goal is to provide a unique solution to customers.

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Business development

Its services and products offered to entrepreneurs at various stages of their business needs. … A range of business support options have been developed and can be applied to develop small businesses.

We are often focus on ‘Micro , Small & M Enterprises’  this means that BDS can be seen in the context of Micro Enterprise Development (MED) as well as Small and Medium Enterprise Development (SMED).


Keeping your Brand at the Core of all Concepts Digital by WESKY is a specialized Digital Marketing Agency who does not only understand brand extensions online but focuses on the branding process since the inception of the brand right from defining its name, logo, tagline and value proposition. Hence social media content marketing for us is not about creating graphics and videos, but about giving brands their correct expressions to identify with and relate to their relevant audiences.

Brand Strategy

Online Marketing

Corporate Identity Design

“ Advertising Agency “

Digital Media by WESKY, started almost a decade ago as a full service ad agency engaged in branding, marketing and corporate identity design services. Since then we have been a creative agency handling the advertising, promotion and marketing of many reputed brands across the globe. We have experience with branding for various industries.

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Web development

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Website Development Services

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Mobile App development

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Providing integrated technology solutions